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A decade in the leather world. Made us believe that leather is the way of life. Leather is one of the best materials for furniture, decor, and accessories products. The existence of leather makes a product that is durable and quality, and of course adds to the unique value of the product. We are experienced in producing the best leather materials for the success of your project.

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Leather is a unique raw material choice in the creative product craft industry. Tala Leather helps your project or product become a superior product in terms of the quality of raw materials.

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Leather For Sale – In human history, animal skins have many uses which are used in various needs and works of art. It is not found with certainty about when humans first used animal skins as a complement to their needs. Even though it is made simply, the skin is considered to have many significant benefits in protecting parts of the human body. In modern times, animal skins are used for various needs such as furniture, decor, fashion, and even food. However, animal skins are more dominantly used for fashion such as leather shoes, leather jackets, leather bags, and leather wallets. In the times, cowhide has become the main raw material industry for creative handicraft products whose development is very fast.
Tala Leather is a leather supplier or tannery factory that serves the procurement of leather materials and leather services. In addition, we provide the most complete range of leather tanning products in Indonesia. Tala Leather has been proven to be able to accept requests according to the needs desired by the customer. Special requests that are usually made by customers include leather grade, skin thickness, skin color, type of leather finishing, to skin elasticity. All leather tanned results are custom made through a manual combination of hands and machines as precision gauges. Because in the result of tanned leather there is character, taste, and pride in every touch.

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Tala Leather is a company that specializes in serving leather materials and leather services. We provide services and delivery of leather material procurement worldwide.

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