Leather is a unique raw material choice in the creative product craft industry. Tala Leather helps your project or product become a superior product in terms of the quality of raw materials.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Commonly referred to as vegetable leather or natural leather. Vegtan (vegetable tanned) leather is leather that is tanned with environmentally friendly tanned materials such as fruit scraps or acacia tree trunks.

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Full Grain Leather

Full Grain Leather is the best quality leather where the leather displays the natural grain or grain on the surface.

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Pull Up Leather

Pull Up Leather is leather that has been tanned with chemical additions to produce a leather article that is light and fades when pulled.

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crazy horse leather

Crazy Horse Leather

Leather that is processed by applying a special wax to full grain leather that has been smoothed. The application of wax on the skin will add to the beauty of the leather fiber so that if a scratch occurs, the natural color will change to a lighter one.

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patent leather

Patent Leather

Processed leather coated with acrylic protective material. This results in a very shiny, light-colored, and smooth skin type.

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nubuck leather

Nubuck Leather

A type of full grain leather that is sanded or buffed to bring out the hair fibers on the surface of the leather.

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suede leather

Suede Leather

The type of leather on the flesh or bottom that is sanded or rubbed to bring out the hair fibers on the surface of the skin, so that the hair is relatively longer and lasts to cover the basic surface of the skin.

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milled leather

Milled Leather

Milled leather or commonly referred to as orange peel is leather that has been tanned with chemical additions and then embossed with an orange peel motif.

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nappa leather

Nappa Leather

Nappa leather is leather that has been tanned with chemical additions, which is treated by rotating it in a drum with a high RPM, resulting in a soft leather article.

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