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Nappa Leather

Nappa leather is leather that is processed with chemical additions undergoing treatment and is rotated in a drum at high RPM so as to produce leather articles that are wrinkled but still soft. This leather is widely needed in the leather industry such as the footwear industry, furniture industry, and other handicraft industries. The leather that we sell has grades based on quality, with their respective advantages and disadvantages. The price of leather that we offer varies according to your choice and needs.


Nappa leather or “napa leather” is a term to describe leather which generally has a soft, smooth and durable character. Napa leather is usually made from high quality full grain leather. The raw material leather is usually veal, sheep, and goat skin. Endowed with the word “high quality”, Napa Leather is made from full grain leather. the surface is not sanded (smoothed) or rubbed to remove defects. the result on the surface of Napa leather is very strong, durable and can withstand harsh use. Napa leather is commonly used for Bags, Shoes, belts and many other leather products.


The standard size used in this nappa leather service uses Indonesian (local) and international Square Feet sizes. The local Square Feet (SF) size is 28 x 28 cm. The international square feet size is 30 x 30 cm. In each sheet of leather there are various number of square feet based on the size of the cow being slaughtered. The size of 1 sheet of leather ranges from 20 – 35 square feet depending cowhide that slaughtered. Standard square feet can be adjusted according to customer requests. Customer requests regarding leather procurement can be adjusted to the availability of leather stock in the warehouse.


The thickness of nappa leather is one measure to determine the purpose of producing customer products. The thickness of leather is adjusted to the product to be produced, such as bags, shoes, wallets, sofas, furniture, etc. The thickness of leather can be custom ordered upon request. The thickness of leather starts from 1 mm – 2 mm with a reference price based on the calculation of square feet.


Nappa leather can be colored to get a unique value according to customer tastes. The leather coloring offered by us provides a free choice of colors according to customer requests, it will be easier if the customer provides a sample that they want to work on to us. There are two methods of staining leather, namely Spray Surface Leather and Dyed Coloring Leather.
Spray Surface Leather
The leather is dyed only on the surface of the leather evenly.
Dyed Coloring Leather
The leather is colored in all parts of the leather from the surface to the suede (inside) leather that is infused with color according to customer requests.


The price of nappa leather is based on the quantity that will be requested by the customer. Based on size, leather is categorized into two, namely the price of local squarefeet (28×28 cm) and international squarefeet (30×30). The price does not include special treatment such as requests for coloring and the desired stiff or limp character.

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