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Vegetable tanned leather

Natural vegetable cow leather or often called Vegetable Tanned Leather is leather that is processed through traditional tanning using natural ingredients from trees. Our vegetable tannery uses acacia tree as a supporting raw material to produce quality vegetable leather / narutal leather. Vegetable leather can be said as organic leather that protects the environment. This leather material has many uses, such as leather goods / shoes, wallets, bags, key chains, and other leather goods.


The characteristics and properties of Vegetable tanned leather are leather handles that tend to be stiff and hard, the color looks natural or the color is woody. In addition, Vegtan is aging, that is, when the skin ages, the color will change. This happens because the skin contains or it is time to remove the patina. Patina is an oil contained in the skin, usually the patina will come out on the surface of the skin when 2 to 6 months after the skin is produced, which is characterized by a change in color on the surface of the skin to a darker or darker color. The character and nature of the aging vegtan like this adds an artistic and classic impression, adds value to the leather craft, and even shows the quality that the older the craft, the more visually valuable the craft is. The vegetable leather tanning process is the most environmentally friendly tanning process compared to chrome leather. The advantage of vegtan is that when it is moistened with a little water, you can easily form the model you want. In addition, you can color this skin according to your wishes by using skin dyes with various characters such as alcohol-based dyes, oil (oil), water, and gel (chemical). Do the coloring using a sponge, brush, spray, or method (dye) dipping directly into the container that has been given the dye.


The standard size used in this vegtan service uses Indonesian (local) and International Square Feet sizes. The local Square Feet (SF) size for vegtan is 25 x 25 cm. The international square feet size is 30 x 30 cm. In each sheet of vegetable tanned leather there are various number of square feet based on the size of the cow being slaughtered. The size of 1 sheet ranges from 20 – 30 square feet depending on the measurement of SF 25 (Local) or SF30 (International). Standard square feet can be adjusted according to customer requests. Customer requests regarding leather procurement can be adjusted to the availability of leather stock in the warehouse.


The thickness of vegtan is one measure to determine the purpose of producing customer products. The thickness of vegtan is adjusted to the product to be produced, such as bags, shoes, wallets, sofas, furniture, etc. The thickness of the vegetable tanned leather can be custom ordered upon request. The thickness starts from 1.3 mm – 4 mm with a reference price using the calculation of square feet. 


Vegetable tanned leather can be colored to get a unique value according to customer tastes. The leather coloring offered by us provides a free choice of colors according to customer requests, it will be easier if the customer provides a sample that they want to work on to us. There are two methods of coloring vegetable skin, namely Spray Surface Leather and Dyed Coloring Leather.

Spray Surface Leather
Vegtan is colored only on the surface of the skin evenly.

Dyed Coloring Leather
Vegtan is colored in all parts of the leather from the surface to the suede (inside) leather that is dyed according to the customer’s request.


The price of vegetable tanned leather is based on the quantity that will be the customer’s request. Based on the type, vegtan is categorized into two, namely the price of size per squarefeet and the price of weight per kilogram. The price does not include special treatment such as requests for coloring and the desired stiff or limp character.

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